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Two Decades Of Football Glory, Thank You For Your Service, Safee Sali!

Safee Sali
Pictures: Bola,

Safee Sali is one of the most prolific attacker centre-forward in the Malaysian football scene. The 39-year-old footballer has contributed many achievements and victories in his long career. However, today marks the end of his journey as a professional footballer. He announced his retirement after two decades of playing professionally.

Although it was a difficult decision, Safee said his retirement didn’t end in vain. Yet, he was proud of himself for achieving so many things while he was playing for various clubs and the national team. He wouldn’t want to change anything in any way.

Safee Sali

Picture: BERNAMA

Therefore, to celebrate one of Malaysia’s football legends, let’s go down the memory line and learn a thing or two about a footballer.

A little bit about Safee Sali and his football career

Safee Sali or born Mohd Safee bin Mohd Sali debuted as a football player through Sarawak FA on 1st July 2006. His successful career began there.

Safee Sali

Picture: Osman Adnan

Afterwards, he spread his wings and joined other renowned football clubs locally and internationally. Here is the list of clubs he played with throughout his two-decade career:

06/07: Sarawak FA
11/12: Selangor FC
12/13: Pelita Bandung R
12/13: Arema Cronus
13.14: Johor DT
13/14: Arema Cronus
16/17: Johor DT
1/19: Selangor FA II
20/21: PJ City FC

Safee was remembered for his outstanding performance in the 2010 AFF Championship. He scored nine goals in four consecutive editions of the tournament!

Not only that, this football superstar ended his career with 76 caps and 23 goals with Malaysia’s national football team on the international stage. If that doesn’t wow you enough, he also scored 180 goals! 153 goals are in the Malaysian league, while 27 goals are in the Indonesian league.

The holder of the number 10 jersey would definitely be missed. Even though we have to let go of another star, Safee’s contribution to Malaysian football history will be an inspiration to many young footballers.

Thank you for your service, Safee Sali! We wish you all the best in your next life journey.

Sources:, Facebook Football Association of Malaysia

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