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Things You Have To Know About Chris Rock

Chris Rock
Picture: CNN

When we think about Chris Rock, one of the roles that stick with us for a long time is Marty, the zebra with black and white stripes. It’s one of his iconic characters that we grew up watching, and we loved how his high-pitched voice illustrates Marty’s whacky and cool persona.

Chris Rock

Picture: Pinterest

Aside from that, probably you’ll recognise Chris from the Oscars controversy last year. “It still hurt,” Chris said, but it was all bygone now (we hope).

However, if you’re unfamiliar with the seasoned comedian, let’s get to know a bit about Chris Rock, yes?

The early life of Chris Rock

Andrews, South Carolina-born Christopher Julius Rock, was later raised in Bedford-Stuvyesant, Brooklyn, New York. He’s the son of a teacher and social worker for mentally handicapped people, Rosalie (Tingman) and Julius Rock. Chris’s father was a truck driver and newspaper deliveryman who had a father as a preacher.

Chris has been doing stand-up comedies on small and big stages for decades. He was on the cast of Saturday Night Live (1957) for three years before he made his appearance in movies. His big screen debut was through Beverly Hills Cop II (1987). It was his breakthrough role and the beginning of his fame.

Chris Rock

Picture: The Boston Globe

Additionally, he did commercials for 1-800 Collect and Nike. Not only that, but he also covered the presidential campaign for Politically Incorrect (1993).

His trade mark and comedic style

Chris is well-known for his high-pitched and clear voice. You can hear him from miles away, and it’s distinctively his identity as a comedian.

Next, his jokes touch on racism and black stereotypes. Chris is known as a brave comedian, for he isn’t afraid of discussing taboo and controversial topics on stage.

His catchphrase is, “Yeah, I said it!” and he’s proud to say it all the time!


Chris Rock’s achievements

Chris is a big name in the entertainment industry. He has 120 nominations (as of now) and has won 27 out of them!

One of his biggest achievements has to be winning Best Comedy Album in the Grammy Awards in 1998, 2000 and 2006. Additionally, he bagged three trophies from Primetime Emmy Awards in 1997 and 1998, respectively.

These awards proved his credibility as a comedian, producer and writer. Chris Rock is more than what people see him as. He’s not only a comedian but a well-rounded entertainer!

Some of Chris’s well-known works are Madagascar 1, 2 and 3 (2005-2013) and Grown Ups (2010).

That’s some of the things you have to know about Chris ‘That’s right! Crack-a-lackin’ Rock!

Sources: IMDb, Chris Rock

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