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Mount Everest Isn’t The Tallest Mountain In The Solar System

Pictures: Live Science,, PNGWing

Since we were little, we were often fed with this conception of Mount Everest as the tallest mountain in the world. Although no other mountain on earth is indeed as tall as Mount Everest, it’s not the tallest in the solar system. Interesting, huh?


Picture: Google

Never have it crossed our minds that there’s a taller mountain than Everest. It shows how our knowledge is little and limited, even though we think we’ve known a lot.

According to The Patriots (@thepatriotsasia), if to compare this mountain with other mountains in the solar system, Mount Everest doesn’t come in the top 10. Woah!

The tallest mountain is on Mars

Fun fact! As of now, Mount Olympus on Mars is the tallest mountain to be recorded. Approximately, it’s 22 kilometres and is 2.5 times taller than Everest. Since Everest‘s height is 8,849 m, Mount Olympus is around 22,1225 m! Thinking about its height makes our heads spin. That’s so tall! It’s almost unimaginable.


Picture: Sketchfab

Interestingly, if you stand on the top of Mount Olympus, you wouldn’t even know you’re standing on a mountain. It shows how vast Mount Olympus is! You can’t even see the surroundings other than the big spaces themselves.

Additionally, Mount Olympus has a diameter of 624 kilometres, and this is like going from Perlis to Malacca!

Check out this map. It covers almost all states in France. That’s how big Mount Olympus is!


Picture: Twitter The Patriots

Mount Olympus might erupt soon

Scarily, Mount Olympus isn’t an ordinary mountain. It’s a volcano that erupted 25 million years ago. Even though it’s considered ancient for humans, in the solar system, 25 million years are ‘short’.

Therefore, scientists theorise it might erupt someday since it’s still young. Despite erupting on another planet, it can’t be assured that other planets won’t be affected too.

Now we know that Mount Everest isn’t the tallest mountain in the world. Today we learned!

Source: Twitter The Patriots

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