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Is There A Promotion Of Buy One Burger, Free One Stapler At This Stall?

Picture: @yunnyotnyot

Ramly burger is the most popular street food in Malaysia. You can find it anywhere. However, Malaysians like it more when the burger is sold at a humble stall, usually at the kampung or near the streets. It is a go-to meal for us locals when we are hungry in the middle of the night, or when we feel like munching. You know, our mouths are constantly lonely.

When buying food at a restaurant or a stall, accidents tend to happen. For instance, you might be served with your food, but with additional things. Like recently, a video has gone viral over the Internet where a woman found frog eggs in her food. 

There is another video that we stumbled upon on TikTok. It is also an accident when buying food, but we could say that it is better than frog eggs. 

Excited wanting to eat the food he bought, @yunnyotnyot gets puzzled when he unwraps the burger. See the video to know what he finds:



♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

That is rare! There is not only a burger in the wrap but also a stapler! 

Maybe the stall is doing a buy one burger, free one stapler promotion. 

Viewers are amused with the video. They have their own say on the free gift:


Picture: @yunnyotnyot

Source: @yunnyotnyot (TikTok)

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