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The Gym’s Closed For The Disabled? No Worries, Try These Home-Friendly Exercises

Picture: PureGym

Exercising is an activity everyone can do. There’s nothing wrong with disabled people going to the gym and doing some lifts, yes? We hope there’s no discrimination happening to them anywhere they go.

However, what can they do if the gym is closed, but they still want to exercise? Well, some exercises can be carried out at home! So, no worries. Even if you can’t hit the gym today, don’t let that spirit simmer down. We have the solution for you!

No-fuss home exercises for disabled people

1) Walking

This sounds like a simple routine, but walking is beneficial even to able people. More so for disabled people, walking is one of the easiest exercises and can be done from the comfort of your home!

Try walking around your house for a few rounds. For example, if you’re in a wheelchair, you can wheel yourself around the house. Do this repeatedly, and you’ll have toned biceps for sure! But always stay safe while doing so!


Picture: Runtastic

2) Dancing


Picture: Global Times

Turn on the music and let your body follow the groove! Dancing is a fun activity you can do at home. Who says dancing doesn’t require energy? Of course, it does!

Not all exercises require a lot of movement. Sometimes, routines like dancing can make you sweat more. Additionally, you’ll have fun while doing it!

3) Chair-based exercises

If your movement is limited, it won’t stop you from staying active. Sitting on a chair and doing light exercise can also build muscle, burn calories and keep yourself fit. Check out this fun seated workout you can follow!

Therefore, friends, don’t fret if you can’t go to the gym today. These exercises can be done at home, plus the comfort of staying indoors while sweating off toxins from your body. That’s definitely the best of both worlds!

Sources: Active Norfolk, Youtube Powered to Move

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