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Ever Heard of Slow-Mo Exercise? Real Reason Chinese People Do It

Slow-Mo Exercise
Picture: @afiqdxnial_

Ever heard of slow-mo exercise? Recently, a video posted by @afiqdxnial_ on TikTok gained much interest from other people. He posted a video of an old Chinese man doing an exercise, running but in slow motion.

In his video, he stated that he’s curious about why do Chinese men and women always do slow-mo exercise. He also added that he would like it if someone was willing to explain the reason so that he could gain a piece of new knowledge.


Any explanation gaes? Share knowledge jom! 🙈 #fypp #berandatiktok

♬ suara asli – 🗿 – bowovler | 𝗕𝗚 |

According to a Tiktok user, the old man was actually doing an exercise kind of like Tai chi exercise.

Tai chi

Picture: @afiqdxnial_

The exercise is actually called ChiRunning. ChiRunning is a style of running with t’ai chi influences. It’s a “quasi-yoga-based form of running that is supposed to lower injury risk”.

ChiRunning is also defined as using “tai chi principles to focus on alignment, relaxation, and good form when running and walking.” It is stated to emphasize posture, core strength, relaxed legs, and “mindfulness.”

So, what’s Tai chi? For your information, Tai chi is an ancient Chinese practice that is now practiced to stay in shape. It involves a series of slow, focused movements done while taking deep breaths.

Why people should try ChiRunning?

There are many benefits of ChiRunning, such as:

  • reduces the risks of injury
  • improves body’s posture
  • makes you faster

Sources: @afiqdxnial_Forget The Gym, Tai Chi for Health Institute

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