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Roti Canai Ranks #2 In 10 Best-Rated Street Foods In The World!

roti canai
Pictures: South China Morning Post, El Mundo Eats, Pngtree

An ideal breakfast to start Monday morning has to be the savoury and flaky roti canai. Accompanied by a glass of hot teh tarik, you surely won’t feel the Monday blues at all!

Many will argue, but we take pride in our roti canai. It’s one of the best existing dishes of this century. Many Malaysians (and people from around the world) love eating it for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner or supper. It’s an ideal meal that satisfies your cravings for something crispy, salty and delicious.

Therefore, no wonder it’s the second best-rated street food in the world!

roti canai

Picture: Rasa Malaysia

According to tasteatlas, the flatbread comes in a close second behind China’s guotie (pan-fried jiaozi dumpling) and overtakes the famous Mexican taco in third.

roti canai

Pictures: Leite’s Culinaria, Natasha’s Kitchen

But it’s no surprise. Our roti canai is indeed the best street food out there!

Did you know? It’s authentic Malaysian cuisine. It originated in India. Afterwards, when they migrated to Malaysia a few years ago as labourers, they brought this dish along with them.

This pan-fried flatbread is made with flour, water, eggs and fat (oil, butter or ghee). It’s a simple recipe that everyone can do, but not all can perfect it. One of the aspects that make every roti canai in Malaysia different is the menebar technique. It’s when the flattened dough is flipped and tossed into the air a few times. This process creates lightness. Thus, it makes the roti canai crispy and flaky.

roti canai

Picture: Kisah Dunia

Commonly, the soft flatbread is served with curry or dhal and a spoonful of sambal. These combinations will make you crave more.

Other street foods included in the list are:

4) Carnitas (Mexico)
5) Karaage (Japan)
6) Bánh mì (Vietnam)
7) Pierogi (Poland)
8) Esquites (Mexico)
9) Cochinita pibil (Yucatan, Mexico)
10) Siomay (Indonesia)

Didn’t we tell you? We take our food very seriously. Congrats to the glorious Malaysian dish, roti canai, for claiming that second spot!

Source: tasteatlas, Twitter BFM News

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