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“Beruk Eats Better Than Me.” See What This Monkey Eats In A Day

Picture: @arrjonnet

Wherever we go, in the forest, on the highway, or at our homes, monkeys or what we like to call beruk are there too. They are usually seen in groups, and at times, they like to taunt people! Scary! Nevertheless, sometimes, they mind their own business as they are busy searching for food.

Different from this beruk here, where its owner provides food for it. In a video on TikTok, @arrjohnnet shares with viewers what John the monkey eats in a day.

When talking about monkeys, we always associate them with bananas. However, not for this monkey. Its food is way better than some of us. Watch the video below:


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For breakfast, the owner provides John with purple food. He eats grapes! Not just that, he is also served with the purple Vitagen! Look at his face when drinking. He knows he is lucky.

Not just that, he also has a break for ice cream. From the video, we guess it is Ice Cream Potong, red bean flavour.

For lunch, the owner serves him dragon fruits with a lychee-flavored drink. Interestingly, John gets to eat dessert too — nata de coco!

To end his meal of the day, he eats dinner, which he prepared with boiled cassava. Yums!

People are jealous of John’s life. Some of them even want to apply to be the owner’s pet so they can get lavish food:


Picture: @arrjonnet

Want to see more of John’s life? Visit his TikTok.

What do you and what will you have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today? 

Source: @arrjohnnet (TikTok)

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