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Malaysians Give Credit To This Man For Compiling All Of Khairul Aming’s Recipe

Pictures: TikTok @afrieirham, PNGitem

The fasting month hasn’t started yet, but people are beginning to do good deeds already. They deserve all the credit for initiating the barakah spirit to life. Kudos to everyone!

Previously, we’ve mentioned how excited we were for Khairul Aming’s 30-day recipe this upcoming Ramadhan. He has been doing this segment for years, and many are thankful that the entrepreneur makes their lives better with simple and easy-to-follow recipes. Housewives, the bujangs (singles) and students mostly follow Khairul Aming’s recipe because it doesn’t need many ingredients but promises a punch of flavour.


Countdown puasa sudah bermula. 30 Hari 30 Resepi akan kembali untuk tahun ke-6 😁 Korang nak resepi apa untuk tahun ni? #BukaPuasa #InspirasiRamadan #makanlokal

♬ original sound – Khairulaming – Khairulaming

However, it might be hard to find his old recipes from 2018 until last year. Imagine how many recipes he shared with us. A lot! Therefore, it’s a hustle to search for that one recipe you want to cook, especially if it’s an old one.

But! Don’t be sad, folks. Someone is here to save the day. Not all heroes wear capes, and this gentleman is every Malaysian’s saviour!

Malaysians credit this man for his hard work

A TikTok user, @afrieirham, informed the netizens that he created a website that compiled all Khairul Aming’s recipes!


aku buat website untuk search resepi @Khairulaming

♬ original sound – afrieirham – afrieirham

Not only that, but Afrie included a very functional feature on the website. Now, if you key in a keyword (for example, AYAM/chicken), the page will only show results for the chicken recipes. How convenient!


Picture: Koleksi Resipi Khairulaming

Everyone can’t thank Afrie enough for building this website. Many send their gratitude in the comment section, expressing their happiness of stumbling upon the website he created a while ago.


Picture: TikTok @afrieirham


Picture: TikTok @afrieirham

Thank you, Afrie! We hope Khairul Aming notices your hard work someday!

Sources: TikTok @afrieirham, Koleksi Resipi Khairulaming, TikTok Khairul Aming

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