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This Cat Appeared On TV Only To Disappear Like A… Ghost?

Pictures: TikTok @izzahizham

Are you superstitious? Do you believe when things suddenly disappear despite you seeing them before? When you try to search for it, it’s gone, as if it never existed!

Some people may believe in the ‘unseen’, while some don’t. It depends on everyone’s faith and understanding of the world. However, what happens when you come across these entities with your own eyes?


Picture: GetDoc

A video posted by @izzahizham on TikTok has us thinking if this is real or edited.

Seemingly, Izzah was watching Malaysia Hari Ini, one of the famous morning programs by TV3. Someone was interviewing a woman, and everything was normal until a black cat passed by in the background.

Malaysians sure love it when there’s a cat in the picture. Almost everyone loves watching the feline doing cute and sometimes questionable things behind the scenes. Therefore, it’s not weird that Izzah might record this moment because she saw the cute cat.

However, a weird and spooky thing happened. The cat was walking to the tree, and it suddenly disappeared!


weh aunty ashikhinnn, kucing aunty tu ghaib wehhh

♬ original sound – izzahizham – izzahizham

In our opinion, it looks like the cat has entered a different world. No trace of the black cat behind the trees afterwards! It just disappear like a… ghost!

Netizens wonder if it’s real or edited

These days, we can’t tell the legitimacy of a video posted on any social media platform. They tend to be a bit suspicious, especially if it’s ‘too good to be true’ or ‘too weird to be real’. Hence, netizens question if this video is only for entertainment purposes or a real deal.


Picture: TikTok @izzahizham


Picture: TikTok @izzahizham

Whatever it is, we hope the cat is alright!

Source: TikTok @izzahizham

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