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Two Mysterious Phone Calls Received By Malaysian Radio DJs, Are They True?

Pictures: Youtube David Pittman, TikTok dhabatulard

Being a radio DJ, it’s their job to accept and answer calls from people. It’s one of the ways to interact with them. And this segment is dedicated to callers who want to share their experiences. It’s always a fun segment to listen to their stories.


Picture: Backstage

However, when the caller talks about a mysterious experience— a terrifying accident— anyone would have goosebumps rising on their skin!

Recently, social media platforms were full of people sharing and posting about the mysterious calls received by radio DJs in Malaysia. Some made their theory that it was a prank, but others thought it was real because they felt the chills.

Phone call #1: DJ Isma Halil Hamzah received a call from the dead in the 90s

DJ Isma Halil Hamzah is one of the oldest and most-experienced DJs in the field. He became an inspiration to many young radio announcers these days.

One day, DJ Isma received a phone call from an unknown caller. The person shared her family’s experience of going through an accident.

According to the caller, their car went into the gorge after her father saw a blinding white light in front of them. Her parents passed away in the accident.

But what confused DJ Isma and other Malaysians at that time was how the person could make a call when she was also involved in the accident. Therefore, the DJ asked, “If you’re in the car, that means you’re dead too!”

But the call abruptly ended before he got the answer.

When DJ Isma wanted to check the recording again, he was only met with silence.

The next day, the news made the headlines as a family was involved in an accident, and everyone died. It was the same as the story shared by the caller.

Phone Call #2: DJ Fazziq received a call after wanting to test the feature

This is something more recent. An ERA FM DJ, Fazziq, received a phone call from a mysterious woman known as Nida.

The DJ and the radio crews were perplexed after they received a phone call from her. One of the teammates, Zain, took the call.

Nida said she wanted to share something with the DJ. She was a 23-year-old woman who had a slight quarrel with her mother. To compensate for everything she did, Nida went out to buy a handbag for her mother. However, as she wanted to return, the road was dark. Nida thought it was a straight road on the right, so she turned her car. But she went into the gorge instead!

She tried to escape the burning car, but she couldn’t. Nida could only open the windows to half. Desperate, she threw the handbag she bought outside and asked DJ Fazziq to give it to her mother.

Yet, when the DJ asked where she was, she laughed, and it sounded similar to Cik Ponti!


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We don’t know the truth behind these phone calls, but nothing is impossible in the world.

What do you think?

Sources: Youtube David Pittman, TikTok dhabatulard

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