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Nutritionist Shares Things You May Not Know About Fish Oil Supplements

Picture: Times Of India

Once we get older, only then some of us begin to take supplements to keep our health on top. But do you know what supplements are the best for you?

According to this doctor, @clinic_star_medicare, she shares some of the supplements that are proven to benefit your brain. It will care for your brain health.

1) Fish oil

2) Vitamin B Complex


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Other than that, you can also try these two — walnuts and butterfly peas. There are also good for your brain health.

In addition to one of the supplements mentioned above (fish oil), a nutritionist, @nnbellaaa_, shares with us some fruitful information!

Fish oil plays a crucial role in caring for your cardiovascular health. It contains Omega 3, which is made up of Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and  Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). We can see the benefits of Omega 3 from the way it controls the cholesterol in our blood by reducing the level of LDL. At the same time, it will care for your blood pressure.

Aside from that, it helps in reducing inflammation, supports healthy skin, and eye function, and improves memory, to name a few.

According to @nnbellaaa_, the dosage of omega 3 in fish oil fish is usually 1000mg. But, how to know how much should you consume in a day?

Well, this is why it is important to see the dosage of the active ingredients (EPA and DHA). For instance, Blackmore’s fish oils contain 180mg of EPA and 120mg of DHA. Thus, that is why it should be consumed 3 times a day per soft gel.

However, if the supplement brands that you buy contain a higher dosage of EPA and DHA, they should be consumed once a day. For instance, 700mg of EPA and 350mg of DHA.

@nnbellaaa_ also added some safety tips for taking fish oil supplements.

  • consume the supplement after a meal for a better absorption rate
  • does not consume the supplement with warfarin due to fish oil has a risk to make your blood clot.
  • not be consumed during pregnancy/lactating

Remember, to know how much you should consume in a day, check the active ingredients. Nevertheless, do not hesitate to ask the professionals. They know better!

Sources: @clinic_star_medicare, @nnbellaaa_

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