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People Around The World Pay Tribute To Dr. Li Wenliang, Coronavirus Whistleblower

Picture: The Telegraph

Two days ago marked the third anniversary of the death of the whistleblower of coronavirus, Dr. Li Wenliang. It has been years since the deadly virus struck the world, since late 2019. Now it is 2023, we still have to be cautious of the virus. Even though the number of people getting infected by the virus seems to decrease compared to before, the virus is still there lingering.

On Twitter, even before Dr. Li Wenliang’s death anniversary, people around the world have started giving him tribute. People respect him because he was the one who tried to warn people about the presence of the virus. 

When Dr. Li Wenliang was working, he noticed seven cases of a virus that he thought looked like SARS 2003. He knew he needed to alarm others. He sent a message to his fellow medics about the outbreak to warn them. Unfortunately, his action only caused him to be visited by the police. The police told him to stop making ‘false comments.’

Days after that, he went to work and caught the deadly virus from one of his patients. He died in 2020 after being infected with SARS-CoV-2.

Dr. Li Wenliang will always be remembered. Thank you for your service.


Picture: World Health Organization

Sources: BBC News, @JFSteinfeld, @RadioFreeAsia

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