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Doctor Shares The Consequences Of Hanging Upside Down

Picture: @drwanshare

Two days ago, we have been mesmerized by a singer’s stunt of hanging upside down during the 37th Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL37). People were shocked that the singer could manage to stay in that position while singing! How amazing is that?

When looking at the stunt, people might wonder, “Does not he get sick doing that?” Well, a doctor has the answer for you.

According to @drwanshare, answering a question from a TikTok user, he explains the consequences of hanging upside down.


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So, is it dangerous to hang upside down  even if it takes five to seven minutes?

The doctor uses a faucet, water, and a sink as metaphors for his explanation. The faucet is the metaphor for our heart, the water is for the blood flow, and the sink is the metaphor for our brain.

Normally, there will be about 1 litre of blood flow through our brain each minute against the gravity pull. He demonstrates the water (blood) coming out from the faucet (heart) into the sink (brain). The water (blood) flows in a calm state if we are in a normal position.

However, what happens when we hang upside down is that the water (blood) will flow heavily, as it flows following gravity pull.

Thus, what are the consequences?

We will have a headache or migraine.


Picture: @mymiechannn (Twitter)

Hope the singer is doing okay by now.

Source: @drwanshare (TikTok)

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