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Here Are The Food That You Can Take If You Have A Cold Or Cough

Picture: Serious Eats

Food is the most important thing for humans. However, when we are sick, like having a cold, cough, or flu, we are concerned about what food to take. That is because we fear that the food we eat is not suitable when we are sick, thus, making our sickness worse!

You do not have to worry because @DoktorSamhan is here to help you. Of course, you have to take medications. But there is more that can help you! Here are the nine things that you can eat when having a cold or bad cough:

1) Tea


Picture: Tucker Bush

  • What is nicer than having a cup of tea?
  • Tea helps unblocked your nose when you have a cold.

2) Vegetable juice


Picture: Inspired Taste

  • It may not look appetizing, but this juice sure benefits you.
  • Vegetable juice helps in increasing the body’s resistance during sickness.

3) Garlic


Picture: Medical News Today

  • Garlic will help treat your cough!

4) Bananas


Picture: Medical News Today

  • Who does not like bananas?
  • Bananas are good for your stomach. They are good for your digestion.
  • Be creative! If you do not prefer to eat them the way they are, why do not you make a smoothie?

5) Chicken soup


Picture: One Dish Kitchen

  • The delicious chicken soup helps in hydrating your body.
  • It is also nutritious!

6) Toast


Picture: Bites With Bri

  • Toast that bread!
  • It is easy to digest.

7) Ice cream and 8) Yogurt


Picture: Foodal

  • These two desserts help ease your throat if you have a cough.

9) Ginger


Picture: Everyday Health

  • Ginger has always been a go-to herb when sick.
  • It will reduce the feeling of wanting to vomit.

Have you tried any of this food when you are sick? Or do you have any other tips that have worked for you?

Source: @DrSamhan (Twitter), Healthline

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