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Food Lovers, Beware Of These 6 Foods That Might Be Cause Of Food Poisoning

food lovers

Food lovers nowadays have so many options of foods that they can try. The variations of foods consist of new types of foods or even classic foods that have a little twist with new recipes. Nevertheless, all of the foods are very delicious.

With all these different selections of foods to choose from, food lovers might need to be aware of some. This is because some foods can cause food poisoning if they are not cooked properly or even consumed properly. That is actually dangerous for many people.

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Food Lovers Be Aware Of These

These are some of the foods that a lot of you guys should know that can cause food poisoning when you eat them. Be fully aware.

1) Red Meat

food lovers

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Red meat is something that needs to be extra careful when cooking it. This is because if they are not cooked perfectly, they might be containing toxins from E.coli bacterial contamination. That is why you have to make the meat is cooked perfectly before eating.

2) Tuna

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Fish such as tuna can surely increase the risk of poisoning. This would become a whole lot more serious if the tuna is already contaminated with scombrotoxin. This is because, the problem can cause headaches, cramps, and also redness all over the body.

3) Raw Egg

food lovers

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Raw eggs are easily susceptible to contamination and salmonella bacteria is usually the cause. One of the ways to easily prevent this poisoning is to wash the eggs before cooking and also make sure to cook the raw eggs fully before eating.

4) Vegetables

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Eating vegetables is indeed a healthy habit. Many people might not realize that vegetables can also potentially cause food poisoning. This is because dirt found on the ground can easily contaminate the vegetables. Using the same knife as raw meat can also cause cross-contamination.

5) Oyster

food lovers

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Shellfish type of seafood can easily be the cause of food poisoning. Oysters are among the foods that can be the cause of poisoning. This is surely due to the contamination of harmful viruses and bacteria from the water stored in them. Raw oysters usually contain vibrio vulnificus toxins and they can cause severe allergic reactions such as vomiting, diarrhea, and excessive nausea.

6) Potatoes

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Storing potatoes for too long are can actually expose them to cross-contamination from Listeria, E.coli, Salmonella, and even Shigella. This particular type of contamination can occur if there are other foods such as raw meat with potatoes.

Sources: AARP, Farmacora.

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