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Sunway Theme Parks present Jemput Raya Celebration

Sunway Theme Parks

As the month of April approaches, Sunway Theme Parks are gearing up to immerse the guests in the vibrant spirit of Raya with an array of festivities and entertainment. From 10th April 2024 to 5th May 2024, Sunway Theme Parks will be adorned with captivating decorations and filled with the melodious beats of cultural performances, promising an unforgettable experience for all.

Jemput Raya Celebration

One of the highlights of this joyous celebration is the “Jemput Raya” Celebration, set to take place on the weekend evenings of 13th April 2024 and 14th April 2024, from 6pm to 11pm at Sunway Lagoon. Guests can anticipate an extravaganza of festivities, including mesmerizing fireworks lighting up the night sky, casting a magical glow over the park. But the spectacle doesn’t stop there; visitors will be treated to an assortment of captivating performances showcasing Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage.

Combination of Traditional and Modern

There will be tons of performances during Jemput Raya from 10th April 2024 to 5th May 2024. Besides the regular performances, Sunway Lagoon added shows with the theme of Jemput Raya. At 4:20pm, “Meriahnya Lebaran!” will be showcased at the Surf Pool stage before the renowned Wave of Fun happens. “Jemput Beraya” and “Pesta Raya” will take part on the main stage at 6:30pm, promising an evening filled with joyous celebration and cultural revelry.

Get ready for an unforgettable evening of entertainment at the Floating Stage of Sunway Lagoon at 13th April 2024 and 14th April 2024! The stage will come alive with a dynamic lineup that promises to captivate audiences from start to finish. Kicking off the festivities is a high- energy band performance to set the mood, followed by the sultry rhythms of a Lambada performance that will have everyone on their feet. But the excitement doesn’t stop there – brace yourself for the main event, “Jemput Raya,” a spectacle that promises to dazzle and delight. As the night unfolds, the stage will be graced by another electrifying set from the band, along with a breathtaking show of traditional Silat Kipas and a vibrant percussion parade. And that’s just the beginning! Join in the festivities as we celebrate Raya with Captain Quack and Lady Quack, complete with musical fireworks, and with Leo and Leona from Sunway Pyramid Mall, Samson and Sophia from Sunway University, and Elfy from Sunway Medical Centre playing with sparklers together. But wait, there’s more! Be sure not to miss out on the lively Joget Lambak dancing performance! As the 50th anniversary of Sunway, Sunway Lagoon prepares a special birthday celebration for it. With so much excitement in store, this evening promises to be nothing short of magical!

At Sunway Lost World Of Tambun, the excitement begins with the opening show “Rayaku Slay” at 10 in the morning, welcoming guests with flair at the cat bridge, followed by the culturally enriching “Malay Heritage Show” at 2:30 pm. As the sun sets, brace yourself for the main event, “Jemput Raya,” promising a spectacle that will dazzle and delight at 5:30 pm.

Introducing The New Surf Beach: Pink Island and Surf Pool

Sunway Theme Parks

The festivities kick off on 13th April 2024 with an exhilarating surf pool activation starting at 4pm. This event marks the grand unveiling of Sunway Lagoon’s newest attractions: The Surf Pool and Pink Island at Surf Beach. Thrill-seekers and water enthusiasts alike can dive into the excitement as they ride the waves and explore the vibrant aquatic wonderland. Adding to the highlight of the evening, guests will be treated to a spectacular performance of synchronized swimming, also known as artistic swimming, presented by the talented athletes from the Selangor Artistic Swimming team. But wait! Who will refuse to see mermaids in the pool? Keep your eyes peeled for these magical creatures as they make a splash during the surf pool’s big reveal. Join in the excitement as you spot these mysterious mermaids gracefully swimming through the water, adding a touch of enchantment to the event. It’s like stepping into a fairytale that comes to life!

Sunway Theme Parks

With its enchanting ambiance and exhilarating entertainment, Sunway Theme Parks’ Raya Month Celebration offers the perfect opportunity for families and friends to come together and create cherished memories. Mark your calendars and join us from 10th April 2024 to 5th May 2024 as we celebrate the spirit of Raya in style at Sunway Lagoon. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable extravaganza.

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