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The Ordinary Updates Formulation of Best-Selling Product— Hyaluronic Acid 2% • B5

The Ordinary

The Ordinary has maintained its title as an industry innovator and disruptor by upholding the values the company was founded on. The innovations associated with The Ordinary have not only been attached to the product formulations. but have been reflected through pricing, transparency and efficacy. The Ordinary is a lab-led and science-backed company that’s not only bringing commodity ingredients to the market at affordable prices. but also reinventing existing products as new innovation becomes available.

The Ordinary

Exploring the Hyaluronic Effect

At The Ordinary‘s inception, commodity skincare ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid were abundant. however many brands were not focused on educating the customer on the function of those ingredients. Hyaluronic acid has been an integral ingredient in skin care for many years but has seen an 8sâ increase in Google searches over the past y years’. Although correlation does not infer causation. interestingly. the increase spiked a few years after The Ordinary launched, and began its mission to democratize skincare in 2o16.

When The Ordinary introduced Hyaluronic Acid z% • B5 and named it as such, language that was once reserved for “skintellectuals” and industry experts to trickle down into the mainstream— causing the Hyaluronic Effect.

From Feedback to Formulation

The Ordinary’s ongoing commitment to delivering quality skincare to everybody at an accessible price point means ingredients are not only defined by price point. and quality is defined by authenticity, functionality, innovation, and sensible prices for every demographic. In the journey to bring accessible skincare to everybody— The Ordinary believes the community‘s feedback matters— no matter how iconic the formulation may be. There is room for innovation everywhere.

The Ordinary has made the best-selling Hyaluronic Acid z% • Bs even better. How, you ask? By listening to customer feedback as part of the ongoing commitment to offer premium formulations at affordable costs. If it wasn’t for the customers honesty and feedback, The Ordinary wouldn’t be such a success. That’s why the original Hyaluronic Acid 2% • Bs formulation has been updated to offer an improved and non-tacky texture. s forms of hyaluronic acid that work together to instantly hydrate, smooth and plump skin. and ceramides to help support the skin barrier and keep water locked in all day. After four weeks of use, twice daily. elasticity of the skin will also be improved.*

Our Best. Made Better.

Hyaluronic Acid z% • Bs was one of The Ordinary’s first-ever products and has been a community best-seller ever since. But despite how much the formulation has been loved so far, it is now possible to provide a better. more lightweight texture that’s absorbed easily. In as little as four weeks with twice daily use, users will notice the appearance of dry fine lines, under eye lines and nasolabial folds have been minimized.*

The Ordinary

The Ordinary Formulators added ceramides to the new and improved formulation which are hydrophobic molecules that help to form a protective barrier on the surface of your skin, helping to prevent water loss. Ceramides are a key part of the skin barrier, and are found within the lipid barrier and work to help trap water within the skin, which is crucial to maintaining and protecting the skin barrier. This helps leave skin hydrated and protected from external elements. With five different forms of hyaluronic acid drawing moisture into your skin and ceramides working hard to keep it there. your skin stays hydrated all day with instant plumping hydration. Apply this water- based serum onto wet or dry skin after cleansing and before oil-based products.

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