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Let Your Lips Do The Talking, The Ordinary launches its First Lip Balm.

The Ordinary

The Ordinary may have just formulated your new “emotional support” product that brings its most-loved moisturizing ingredients to an all new hydration category — Lip Care. Launching on 20th June, Squalane + Amino Acids Lip Balm is The Ordinary’s first lip balm which softens and hydrates dry lips through the use of biomimetic amino acids and Squalane, and can also be applied to your cuticles and elbows, offering on-the-go hydration wherever and whenever you need it.

Your skin knows what’s best, which is why this formulation uses a skin-identical blend of amino acids which mimics the function of the amino acid components of natural moisturizing factors (NMF) that are naturally produced within the skin, and play a key role in the hydration of the surface of the skin.

The blend of amino acids and Squalane, an ingredient found naturally in skin’s sebum, work together to immediately boost hydration, improve the appearance of lip, elbow, and cuticle softness, and improve the appearance of dryness on lips, elbows, and cuticles with continued use.

The Ordinary

Tiktok users are admitting their emotional attachments to their lip balms — we don’t blame you! Emotional support lip balms are now a thing, which is why Squalane + Amino Acids Lip Balm was designed to feature a brand new sleek squeezable shaped tube so you can give your balm a squeeze when you’re craving that boost of hydration support. Easily pop it in your bag or pocket so it can be with you at all times.

From Our Lab, To Your Lips

This multi-use formulation utilizes a biomimetic blend of amino acids which offers barrier support and moisturizes dry lips. Biomimicry is not new to The Ordinary formulations, but what does it mean to have skin-identical ingredients in a formulation?

Chief Scientific Officer Prudvi Kaka delves into how it works in relation to Squalane + Amino Acids Lip Balm.

Biomimetic means that the formulation seeks to mimic the natural processes and components of the skin. Squalane + Amino Acids Lip Balm includes a combination of amino acids that are identical to the composition of amino acid components of natural moisturizing factors (NMF) found within the skin which allows it to provide long-lasting hydration.

Prudvi Kaka, Chief Scientific Officer at The Ordinary

While the amino acids help to support long-lasting hydration, Squalane provides emolliency and helps keep lips hydrated by supporting their moisture barrier and reducing water loss. The more delicate skin of the lips is likely to lose water more quickly than facial skin, so it’s important to lock in that moisture. Together, these technologies help support the product in reducing the look of dry lips instantly, while providing softness to the cuticles and elbows with continued use.

The Ordinary

Squalane + Amino Acids Lip Balm

$20.00 SGD | 60.00 MYR

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