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Love At First Type, Here’s How Romance Begins Between Two People On Duolingo

Pictures: Twitter Duolingo, duolingo blog, PNGitem

Everyone is accustomed to the term love at first sight, but it’s a different case with this romantic story. It looks like these two people— Amanda and Rob— fell for each other at first type!

There’s a famous language app that everyone uses. It has an easy interface and is also convenient for many who want to learn new languages. It’s no other than Duolingo! So, when we talk about a language-learning app, is it possible to find your other half there?

Well, Amanda and Rob proved that love is indeed boundless.

This is how their first online love story began

Amanda lives in the Philippines. She downloaded Duolingo in 2013 to learn Italian, German, French and Mandarin. Rob lives in the US and used Duolingo to learn Spanish.


Picture: Duolingo blog

This makes us ticklish: Amanda learned Mandarin because she was interested in a guy learning the language too!

She said, “I thought, maybe if I knew more Mandarin, he would want to go steady with me!”

But not all relationships end with a happily ever after. Sadly, it didn’t work out.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and the heartbreak brought her to a more promising future…

2021 is the start of something exceptionally sweet

One day, Amanda received notifications from someone. The said person congratulated her on her Duolingo streak. Can you guess? Yep! It’s no other than Rob!

There’s a connection she feels between her and Rob. Thus, Amanda decided to reach out to him by visiting his profile. And, of course, a woman is the greatest detective. She found his Facebook account!

After she sent a message to Rob, she received a reply a few days after!


Picture: Duolingo blog

COVID-19 didn’t stop them from connecting

The pandemic made them talk to each other through messages. They connected despite not getting a chance to meet in person. It didn’t stop the love from sparking.

Rob expressed, “We’ve come quite a way, from calls to video chats to care packages sent halfway across the globe to virtual family introductions. And where our relationship is now will only continue to expand.”

Even they couldn’t believe they found each other in a language app!

Vows in messages were spoken in reality

Summer 2022 was a moment to remember. Rob and Amanda finally met when he went to the Philippines.

After Rob met Amanda’s family, these lovebirds took a trip to another island and decided to tie the knot!

In January 2023, they were officially married! To commemorate their Duolingo meet-up, the couple gave Duolingo-inspired multilingual greetings to their bridal party. How cool!


Picture: Duolingo blog

We wish eternal happiness to these sweethearts!


Picture: Duolingo blog

Nothing is impossible. Maybe you can find your soulmate in apps like these someday too!

Sources: duolingo blog, Twitter Duolingo

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