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“Hiking” Becomes The Unexpected Reason For This Woman To Finally Meet Her Future Husband

There could be many reasons for future husband and wife to meet each other before they could tie the knot and get happily married. Some could meet since they were in high school when they are in the same class, some could even meet when they work together in an office.

But, one of the most memorable memories for every newly-wed would be an unexpected meeting between a man and a woman that finally lead to a beautiful wedding with each other. This is happening with a woman named Aty Razali that unexpectedly met the man of her life when they both went hiking.

This is what she has shared through her posting on Facebook about their meeting:

07.03.2020: First time meeting when both of us went hiking.

15.5.2020: Bring to the wedding.

04.07.2020: Surveying customs.

29.8.2020: MCO’s solemnization.

29.9.2020: It has been a month since the solemnization ceremony but I still can’t meet him as TEMCO has started in Tawau, Semporna, Lahad Datu, and also Kunak since the 29th of September 2020.

Just because the number of COVID cases here at my place looks like it will keep rising in these few days, I had to hold myself back from getting the chance to meet my husband.

I do not want to talk about when I could meet my husband in this posting, but I want to tell you about how I finally met my husband when both of us went hiking separately.

In the month of February, I have decided to open a trip to hike Minitinduk Mountain. Because of that, I’ve searched for team members who wanted to join me hike that particular mountain.

So, this guy (who eventually becomes my husband) is the last person to complete our group of 10 people. He did not want to join this hiking activity at first because he had other programs to attend to.

Just a few more days before the actual hiking activity took place, he decided to WhatsApp me and told me that he wanted to join the hiking group. This is such a perfect coincidence because there was one team from KK that suddenly decided to cancel the last minute from joining the hiking group.

He is actually a friend of mine from Facebook. I didn’t actually know how I became his friend on Facebook, but I am sure I added him just because of the hiking activity.

7.3.2020 is the date where we met for the first time to register. At that moment, everything was going as usual but it is actually a normal situation to happen where all the professional hikers hike faster than the amateur hikers that always got left behind. Because of that, both of us rarely could hike side by side because I am always a bit late. 

There is one scene that happened between us during all of us are climbing down the mountain, where I noticed that he keeps looking at me from afar when I was going down the mountain. I’m a bit puzzled as to why did he star at me that long and I finally asked him about that matter after our wedding. He replied that he was confused about how I can be the leader of a mountain hiking group when I am so short and also so afraid of height.

Actually, I am really afraid of high places and nothing can change that. People that usually hike with me would know how hard and scary it would be for me to go through steep hills. Thank you all. I love you guys that would help me went through all the steep passages even though it was hard for me until I cried just because I am so afraid of height. 

So, when did both of us fall in love? I feel like both of us did not have the time to fall in love because the time flies so fast before we eventually get married. During the MCO from March to May, we always WhatsApp only about COVID.

As you all know, he works as a teacher and he had to just stay at home because all the schools were closed while I work at the hospital. Of course, he would ask me a lot about the current situation of this COVID. 

A lot of times, he would spend with his handphone. There is also the bright side for this Covid-19 and MCO to happen. For example, I could finally meet the husband for me.

On the month of May, specifically on the 5th of May 2020. I didn’t actually know how I have the courage to text towards him, “Let’s get married”. Maybe it is because I am talking about marriage with my officemates at the same time I am texting him. Unexpectedly, he just accepted the suggestion anyway. After the surveying custom in the month of July, I asked him why did he suddenly agree to my suggestion to get married. He answered that he is worried that I might reject him if he the one to ask for the marriage first towards me.

That is what she told everyone through her posting. She also wishes the best of luck for everyone who is still searching for the love of their life. Be patient because eventually, the right person will definitely come to you as well.

Sources: Facebook Aty Razali, Facebook Siakap Keli.

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