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Bride And Groom Give Their Guests Onions As A Gift

Picture: @biyahenidrik

Usually, as guests attending an event, we will be provided with gifts. This action is one of the ways for the organizer to show their appreciation toward us for livening up the event. That same goes for a wedding event. Aside from food, the bride and groom will prepare gifts for their guests as a token of appreciation.

A video uploaded by @biyahenidrik captures a wedding event in the Philippines. They are standing in front of baskets of onions. Red shallots! Check out the video below:


♬ Wildest Dreams – Duomo

Do you have any idea what the onions are for? According to Coconuts Manila, the onions are served as gifts for their guests. What a rare, but useful gift!

In the Philippines, onions are considered expensive. Thus, it is lucky for the guests to be receiving the gifts. Not just that, but even in our daily lives, we will use onions, especially for Asians. We use it a lot for cooking.

Interestingly, the newlywed couple, Jason and Lorelei, own a business. Onion business! With that privilege in their hands, they decide to give the onions to their guests as a sign of appreciation.


Picture: Next Shark

Recently, a bride also has been the talk of the town when she ditches flowers to walk down the aisle. Instead, she holds a bouquet of onions! She is also from the Philippines.

Sources: @biyahenidrik (TikTok), Coconuts Manila, Philippine News Agency

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