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Aril Pilus Shed Happy Tears As He Gets The Best Surprise By His Wife

happy tears
Pictures: TikTok Aril Pilus, Iconduck

Sometimes, tears don’t symbolise sadness. There are happy tears too. A more famous term for this is tears of joy. It’s a spontaneous response when you receive happy or good news. While some might scream or jump around, a few will sit quietly and take the news in with tears rolling down their eyes.

What are the things that trigger happy tears? One of them is getting surprises! Although some might not like being surprised, it’s nice to be celebrated and appreciated once in a while. It shows how you mean to someone. Therefore, if someone surprises you with great things, accept them!

And this is what happens to Aril Pilus. What he got from his wife was the sweetest surprise ever!

Happy tears for Aril Pilus and their family

It was a usual family hangout for the Pilus family. Aril and his son were eating a meal together when his wife came with a bag.

She said, “This is a gift for daddy [Aril].” Confused, Aril took the bag and inspected the insides. He saw some baby clothes but couldn’t piece the info together.

However, their son discovered something else in the bag. Aril saw this and took it from him. It’s a pregnancy kit test!

Alhamdulillah. It looks like Aril’s wife is pregnant with their second child! After eight years of trying, they’ll be mummy and daddy again!

Aril couldn’t stop crying. He was really thankful. Also, he couldn’t stop asking his wife if it was true (yes, it was!)

And what makes us shed tears is their eldest son cried along with his father. Aw…


Bismillahhirrahmannirrahim, semoga sentiasa dalam lindungan Allah swt, amin… terima kasih Ya Allah… #fyp #BuahHati

♬ Buah Hati – Armada

Many Malaysians rejoice in this happy news with praises to the Almighty.

happy tears

Picture: TikTok Aril Pilus

happy tears

Picture: TikTok Aril Pilus

Congratulations to Aril and his family! We hope everything will be eased. <3

Source: TikTok Aril Pilus

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