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Not Just For Safety! Know Other Reasons Why Swimming Lessons Are Important

Picture: University Of Warwick

Good news! The Youth and Sports Ministry announces that swimming classes will be implemented soon! For now, the priority will be given to children from B40 families, aged three to twelve. What a good initiative to aware people of the importance of water safety! 

In recent years, our country has recorded many cases of people drowning. As we all know, knowing how to swim is vital for safety! It is not just for your own safety. Sometimes you can use your knowledge of swimming to help other people as well.


Picture: Blue Buoy Swim School

But do you know that swimming has other benefits? Let’s go through one by one of its advantages:

1) Safety

  • We have discussed this earlier.
  • It is the most common reason if we were asked why we learn how to swim.

2) Health

  • Swimming is an exercise. It is a sport.
  • This activity engages a lot of muscle groups. Therefore, it is an incredible body workout.
  • It burns calories. Thus, it is good for people to lose weight.

3) Fun

  • Of course, the fun!
  • It would not be fun if you just sit there in the corner, while your friends are enjoying the cool pool. 
  • Learn to swim, and go on and have fun!

What are other advantages can you get from swimming?

Sources: BERNAMA, Metropolitan YMCA Of The Oranges

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