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How To Stay Safe From Intruders And Violence At School

Picture: SK Taman Warisan Puteri

Recently, our country has been shocked by a video where a man intruded into a school and showed violence. At first, many believed that the person is the father of one of the students there. He came to school and was showing violence by screaming in anger. What was scarier than that was he also brought along a hard stick.

As school should be a safe place for students, teachers, and staff, the incident must have been a nightmare! Gratefully, SK Taman Warisan Puteri (the school where the incident happened) revealed on Facebook that the incident was all an act.

Picture: BERNAMA

The ‘incident’ was done as a demonstration of how to keep safe from intruders, especially if they are showing violence.

The first reaction people normally have when there is danger is shocked. Being shocked will lead to feeling anxious and scared. It is normal when that happens. However, safety is the top priority when something like this happens, especially in school, where there are many people gathering.

Teachers, as adults, should prioritize their student’s safety. From the post shared by the school’s Facebook account, students are seen hiding under their tables. It is the same when there is an earthquake. People should find a sturdy table and seek safety there. Aside from that, students are also seen lying on their stomachs when there are no tables in the room.

The demonstration done by the school is crucial for the students, teachers, and staff’s preparedness. Other schools should also get their people ready to make sure everyone knows what to do when violence happens.

Source: SK Taman Warisan Puteri (Facebook)

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