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“I Don’t Want To Grow Up…” This Video Makes Netizens Reminisce High School Memories

Pictures: TikTok Cikgu Teh, CityPNG

Memories consist of many things. Some are happy, while some might be unpleasant. Regardless, we carry those memories close to our hearts. It’s what we can think back about when we get older.

What’s your favourite memory? A lot of people couldn’t forget their high school days. It was one of the best moments of their lives. During high school, many people would do brave things like skipping classes, running around and screaming, teasing classmates and teachers, and other stuff.


Picture: MyCompass

Thinking back to those days, would we do it when we reach our 20s, 30s or 40s? We will probably don’t have the strength to do so.

Especially when we’ve become seniors in the school (usually, senior students are 17 in Malaysia), we feel like we could do anything. Like the school is theirs, the teachers don’t mind much about them except scolding them if they aren’t studying for SPM. Isn’t that awesome?

Not only that but there’s a tradition in Malaysia. The adik angkat-kakak/abang angkat thing. It’s like a mentor-mentee relationship where the older takes care of the younger. When talking about it, it feels a bit cringe, eh?

But these are memories many don’t want to forget.

Therefore, this video shared by Cikgu Teh (@cikgu_teh) evoked many memories among mostly adults on TikTok.

The video showed a class of students exiting the frame one by one. However, the caption hits a bit too close to home. It says, “A short journey as a memory for the future.”


Perjalanan singkat untuk kenangan masa depan.

♬ original sound – yummiejah – yumie

And… cue the rain. Many couldn’t hold back their tears.


Picture: TikTok Cikgu Teh


Picture: TikTok Cikgu Teh

It’s true. After high school, students have to go their separate ways. Some might not meet again. Some might create their future overseas. Thus, it’s even harder to meet them personally.

But the great thing about technology is everything is now simple. Do you miss your friends? Send them a text through Whatsapp. Do you want to see their faces? Facetime or Google Meet them. It’s easy!

If this video makes you think of your high school friends, how about setting a date with them this weekend? Sounds like a fun plan!

Source: TikTok Cikgu Teh

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