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Do You Know Why You Feel Sleepy After Eating? Here Are The Reasons

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Many people feel sleepy after eating. For example, after lunch, many people will start yawning while trying to finish their work. And suddenly, everyone starts yawning too! It’s an effect after a delicious meal during lunch.

However, what’s the reason behind the sleepiness? Is it normal to feel sleepy after eating? Dr. Samhan (@DoktorSamhan) said it could be normal and also abnormal!

Why are we sleepy after eating?

Here are some reasons why we tend to feel sluggish after eating.

Digestive system response

Generally, the digestive system breaks down the nutrients in the food. It transforms the molecules into glucose. Then, glucose becomes energy. 

The body releases hormones like amylin, glucagon, and cholecystokinin (CCK). These hormones increase the blood sugar level. Therefore, it triggers the feeling of fullness. It also produces insulin that will travel to the cells. Insulin gives the cells energy. 

Simultaneously, this process releases serotonin. This hormone is responsible for making you feel sleepy.

Types of food

Did you know? High-carbohydrate foods like rice can make you sleepy.


Picture: MedlinePlus

Not only that, but high-protein food like meat, chicken, egg, fish, spinach, tofu, cheese, and soybeans have the same effect.



Why? These foods have tryptophan, one of many amino acids. 

The body uses tryptophan to produce serotonin. As previously explained, serotonin makes you sleepy after eating.

Sleeping pattern

Surprisingly, irregular sleeping pattern also contributes to sleepiness after eating.

Usually, the body relaxes after eating. When the body is relaxed, it’ll trigger sleepiness. This happens when you don’t sleep well the night before.

Your health condition

Dr. Samhan stated sleepiness after eating could be normal and abnormal. 

If you frequently experience sleepiness, it might be a sign of celiac, anemia, food intolerance, allergies, sleep apnea, or inactive thyroid glands. 

Additional info: celiac is a disease when your immune system attacks your tissue when you eat gluten. Sleep apnea is a sleeping disorder that repeatedly stops and starts your breathing.

Thus, if your sleepiness gets severe, go for a check-up before it gets worst.

We learned the cause of sleepiness after eating. But is there a way to avoid it? Mind sharing the tips with us? 

Sources: Twitter Dr. Samhan, Mayo Clinic (Celiac disease), Mayo Clinic (Sleep apnea).

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