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You Can Now Send Photos On WhatsApp In Their Original Quality

Picture: BBC

WhatsApp is working on a new update where users can send photos to people in their original quality! Before this, it is such a hassle for users to send photos. Whenever we download photos sent by our friends, the photos would come out not in good quality. Thus, many people decide to use Telegram to send photos.

Previously, the new feature on WhatsApp is about photo quality too. They launched the ‘HD feature.’ Users can choose between ‘automatic,’ ‘best quality,’ and ‘data saver.’ However, the option for ‘best quality’ did not turn great as the photos are less compressed. In the upcoming new feature, WhatsApp is working on solving the issue!


Picture: wabetainfo

There will be no hassle anymore. Soon, we will be able to configure the quality of the photos we want to send. WhatsApp plans to integrate a new setting icon within the tool header! The feature will let users select an option to send the photos, in their original quality! This feature is a life-saver, as everyone wants their photos to turn out great!

Reminder again for all users. Of course, we are excited about this new feature. Nevertheless, the feature is still under development. Thus, the feature is still not yet out.

Source: wabetainfo

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