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Odd Customs And Tradition Practices You Never Knew Existed

Each of us practicing a different life than what we practice in our place of origin. Culture exists as an identity to society. And the cultures was the one who made the world is an interesting place for us to explore.

In Malaysia, our eating culture is by the use of hands. But for the Chinese, they use chopsticks that have become a part of their culture for thousands of years. This is one of the culture that we can see for ourselves living in Malaysia. So let’s explore another world of eating culture and it was weird.

1. Drink Cow Blood

It was practiced by the Maasai people, an ethnic group living in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. According to atlasobscura, this ethnic group is famous for its colorful costumes, as well as its unusual rituals and customs by using blood and cow’s milk in their diet. Maasai people use milk to make tea, butter, and drinks. While the blood of cows is consumed raw or cooked together. Occasionally they would mix the blood of the cow and the milk of the cow to drink.

The way they take the blood of cattle is also unique in that they do not kill the animals. They will cut the calf artery very carefully and take only the required amount of blood. This is because cows are considered to be very important sacred animals in their culture. Drinks from the blood of cows are often enjoyed during weddings.

2.  Fart After Eat

According to health, The Inuits are not like us. They inhabit the northern regions of Canada and Greenland, considered the coldest places on earth. They live in a place that is considered difficult by other people. They also do not farm and only hunt for food sources. They have very little cooking methods due to a little spice. There are also foods you eat when it’s cold, but not ice cream. But what makes their culture unique is the fart after a meal. This habit is regarded as a polite habit in which it shows that we value the food we eat.

3. Japan Culture

Japan can be regarded as a culturally rich country. Their eating culture can also be considered unique. A culture where people who eat ramen have to inhale the ramen to make a sound. This is a sign of gratitude to the cook and also shows that the food is delicious. According to BBC, another culture in Japan is that every Christmas, every family in Japan will make KFC their main menu. Traditionally, the Japanese have no culture of celebrating Christmas, so in 1970 they began to make KFC a traditional meal on Christmas Day. It was also seen at the time as an attempt to replicate a traditional Christmas dinner in the United States. An estimated 3.6 million families in Japan eat KFC during the Christmas season.

4. Invite dead person for dinner


Sounds scary! It is a Toraja culture, a native of Sulawesi in Indonesia. After the Toraja died, they were not buried or burned alive. Instead, they are kept by their family members to continue their daily routine. According to Jawapos, The bodies will be left indoors until the time of their burial. Usually, after a few months of their death, the body is buried. The Toraja believed that the soul of the dead was still with them. So at every meal, the corpse would be fed the same food that the family members ate.

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