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From The Crazy To The Cool, These Are Weird Jobs You Probably Didn’t Know Exist

It seems as though we can pay people to do anything for us these days.  You even can hire a professional cuddler to snuggle with you for about $60 an hour and you can also pay an “undercover bridesmaid” to stand next to you on your big day.

From the crazy to the cool, the serious to the silly, there are tons of jobs out there that you might never have heard of.

Read about some of the weirdest and most interesting jobs out there and see if your calling is among them.

1.Professional sleepers

Who’s here can sleep even if it is not even 5 minutes? This job is suitable for you! They will sleep in a different bed every night to test the comfort of the mattress before being marketed.

2. Scuba Driving Pizza Delivery

Did you know, there is a hotel in the sea in Florida? So to make sure their customers get their requested food order, the hotel provides a pizza delivery facility that will dive into the water and deliver to the customer.

3. Professional Lovers

It sounds weird but you can actually hire some professionals to be a comedian at this time of death. What are you going to do? They will weep bitterly and mourn the funeral. Wow, it’s so easy to make money.

4. Dog Food Tester

Their job to try foods such as bones, wet foods, and cookies. The goal is to ensure a difference in taste and texture of dog food and human food. All kinds of things.

5. Body Odor Tester

To test the quality of the new product, the task of body odor testers is to smell the breath, feet, and armpits of the experimental material that is also human. So, anyone with a couple’s aroma scent can apply for this job!

Sources: The Undercover Recruiter

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