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(Video) Unbelievable! These Are 7 Highest Paying Jobs In Malaysia!

Malaysia is actually a country with strong commodity-based growth in manufacturing, finance, and other services. The overall economic growth is maintained at 4.7 by the services and manufacturing sectors with more stability and is projected by local authorities for their further development. As the ever-increasing prices of just about anything and everything continue to play on the minds of many Malaysians, they definitely wanted jobs that were secure for them.

Malaysia nowadays offers more jobs for many people out there either to be part-time jobs, full-time employment, or even internships along with further vital education. There are indeed numerous of promising careers eventually lead to very high salary for workers. After some researches have been done, these are the 7 highest paying jobs in Malaysia.

@steve_yapTop 8 highest paying jobs in Malaysia

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1) Medical Director

A medical director is a physician who provides guidance and leadership on the use of medicine in a healthcare organization. These include emergency medical services, hospital departments, blood banks, clinical teaching services, and others. A medical director devises the protocols and guidelines for the clinical staff and evaluates them while they are in use.

2) C-Suite Roles

‘C-Suite’ actually refers to the executive-level managers within a company. Common c-suite executives include chief executive officer (CEO), chief financial officer (CFO), chief operating officer (COO), and also chief information officer (CIO).

3) Head Of Shared Services

A shared services manager needs to expertly lead and manage their teams and is responsible for employee retention and recruitment. They set the tone for all teams, creating a working environment that attracts and fosters employees of the highest caliber.

4) Head Of Sales

The job of a head of sales is to set sales strategy, align the sales structure with the strategy, manage people and implement processes. That is their job. It is to lead and manage the operational elements of sales, not to sell.

5) Finance Director

A finance director in the traditional sense or CFO assumes a leading strategic role in influencing the future direction of an organization. They provide financial leadership and help to align business and finance strategies to grow the company.

6) Head Of Banking

Their primary responsibilities are to manage all banking operations for a bank. They are in charge of other branch or regional managers. They also oversee their activities and report directly to the bank’s CEO. They really need a strong background in management, accounting, and business.

7) Engineering Director

A director of engineering is the head of the engineering team or department. Their duties and responsibilities also include project management, hiring new team members, presenting budgets and plans to other departments, and meeting with upper-level management.

Sources: TikTok Steve Yap.

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