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Some Famous Names With Tourette’s Syndrome You Might Wanna Know

Pictures: Utah Symphony, XPlaylist, Espectaculos 360

For your information, Tourette’s (too-RET) syndrome is a disorder that involves repetitive movements or unwanted sounds (tics). Some common movements include rapid eye blinking, shoulder shrugging or blurting incoherent sounds (these sounds can also be in the form of offensive words).

The tics show up usually around the age of 2 to 15, with the average age of 6 years old. Interestingly, males are three to four times more likely to develop Tourette’s than females.

Some artists went candid with their condition. They weren’t embarrassed to admit they had Tourette’s. It’s not a crime to have this disease. There’s no need to be shy about it.

Here are some famous names with Tourette’s syndrome

1) Lewis Capaldi


Picture: Manchester Evening News

Last year in September, the Someone You Loved singer Lewis Capaldi went public about his condition. He was unaware of it before but soon realised he might have Tourette’s after his shoulder twitches often.

Lewis said he would get the tics when he’s nervous, excited or stressed. It happened all the time, and it frustrated the singer.

However, it didn’t stop the fans in his Stockholm gig from finishing the chorus for him.


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♬ Originalton – lina

2) Billie Eilish


Picture: EL PAÍS Uruguay

The 22-year-old singer never hid her Tourette. She clarified her condition as early as her career.

Billie often said the tics made her life exhausting. Aside from that, the good news is she made many new friends who shared the same disease with her.

3) Mozart


Picture: Classic FM

The famous classical composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart battled Tourette syndrome during his lifetime.

The possibility of the composer having this disease began at the 1983 World Congress of Psychiatry in Vienna. According to Simkin, there were a few pieces of evidence that supported this claim.

There had been repetitive movements of his face, hands and feet. Not only that, but he also used a lot of obscene words in his letters. Additionally, Mozart was extremely obsessed with objects, thoughts and the repetition of certain things.

What’s the future of this syndrome?

No cure is available for Tourette’s yet. However, there are treatments if it gets severe. Yet, many Tourette patients don’t require treatment as the symptoms are minor. And the tics lessen or be in control after growing up.

Sadly, some people find this syndrome funny. Before awareness about this syndrome was advocated, many made fun of this disease to get the public’s attention. We don’t condone such act from anyone, especially if it involves someone’s health or well-being.

These days, many are more aware of this unnoticeable syndrome. We’re glad the world has become more open to learning things they don’t know previously.

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