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Down Syndrome Won’t Exist In Iceland In Less Than 20 Years, But How About Malaysia?

Down syndrome
Picture: Psephizo

Down syndrome is a health condition when a person has an extra chromosome. Generally, a human has 46 chromosomes. However, a Down syndrome individual has an extra copy of chromosome 21, trisomy. Another name for Down syndrome is Trisomy 21. The addition of this chromosome affects the human’s physical and mental development.

Some might wonder if this health condition can vanish. It doesn’t entirely, but according to Public Health Malaysia, Iceland will be one of the listed countries to achieve ‘Down Syndrome-free’ by 2030!

How will Down syndrome vanish in Iceland?

In Iceland, 100% of babies with Down syndrome will be aborted. Following the recent birth trends, no Down syndrome babies were born in Iceland five years ago.

Other countries like the US reached an abortion rate of 67%, while France 77% and Denmark 98%.

Why does this happen?

Down syndrome

Picture: ResearchGate

One of the factors is the increasing awareness of pregnant women to do a prenatal screening. In Iceland, four to five pregnant women choose to do this screening. Aside from that, the government also fully support this procedure.

The country allows this abortion procedure to babies aged 16 weeks after they’re testified with Down syndrome.

However, what’s the situation in Malaysia?

The prenatal procedure is available in Malaysia. The baby’s state of health is essential because it’s the first step for the mother and family to get ready in terms of physical, mental and emotional.

Yet, abortion is not allowed in Malaysia! Although the baby is diagnosed with this condition, our country strictly doesn’t allow abortion like Iceland except if it concerns the mother’s health.

One of 800 newborns is a Down syndrome baby. KITA welcomes these special kids to the world. They shouldn’t be left behind.

With advanced technology, Down syndrome patients can reach 60 to 70 years old, similar to other populations.

Like us, they also should get a chance to lead a better life. We should not discriminate against them just because they are different from us. Have you ever seen them from this perspective: perhaps, they are the special ones, not us?

Source: Twitter Public Health Malaysia

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