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“Unexpected Test …” Fedtri Yahya Asks All To Pray For His Healing

Picture: Ahmad Fedtri Yahya

Popular TV personality, Ahmad Fedtri Yahya is now safe undergoing treatment and surgery on his face. His latest health condition was updated by him via a post on his Facebook this morning.

“Greetings Friday. Blessed day. Unexpected test. Kun faya kun…May it be the kafarah of sin. There must be wisdom…,” he said.

“Thank you for this test. How good Allah is by presenting people around who are good enough. Great blessings.
Pray for healing for all,” added Fedtri Yahya.

Looking back yesterday morning, his wife claimed that Fedtri was involved in a cycling accident. The injury he suffered resulted in several stitches having to be done on the injured part of his face.

Alhamdulillah, may his wounds heal and his health improves on this blessed Friday morning.[0]=68.ARD6BefeNx7vf-sZlYawy55UA0BJ76jbDmJJ46lJ7Ux-pszA1xGRy8h3xD5bLbk4mgXoGl3-Wwc8idOKU4qI-CgGIK9OpPUA3_qMK17pjKUX1r1dD3Ex41GhK-rUV-cItvAAAZydbWbIEkcN1cNQ1-nYOPtC-dHF1HaIgmwh77qjyhdDP_R2Jl8PfUhPYMAs5UiYYNAHY8bwIvsFYzEcJBZ57MKrAzKsCi3WHRXPqeuywpeZik9udVZvZqtuCZiCRAvdnBgdgflImOu-gikBZzCiD2quzdAW-YAVGy1or_t2OnMa8BD2nrjoo12wjXtQErGyz7jFgb53cL3LMWGvi0Rk8X2q6NpqRw&__tn__=-R

Source: Ahmad Fedtri Yahya

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