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Inspired By ‘The Dark Knight’, This Student Built His Own Batmobile

Children are not the only social group that is easily get influenced by TV Shows or even Movies that have been played on television. Teenagers and young adults also get easily influenced by all of that. For example, this 23-year-old Vietnamese architecture student from Hanoi named Nguyen Dac Chung decided to build his own fully functional Batmobile after he has watched “The Dark Night” trilogy movie.

This Vietnamese student decided to turn his dream into reality when he wanted to build his own Batmobile. This student, Nguyen Dac Chung has spent 10 months of his life and also has spent money in a total of RM 88,637 for him to complete the making of this particular Batmobile. He is always fascinated with this Batmobile that has made its appearance in Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ trilogy movie. His massive Batmobile has attracted so much attention from the streets where he used to drive the Batmobile that is the streets of Hanoi and also news highlight.

He had to invest a bit when he decided to make his Batmobile comes true. This is because some of the components needed for the Batmobile had to be imported from overseas such as from South Korea and also The United States of America.

This specific Batmobile is able to reach up to a top speed of 100 km/h as it is powered by a four-cylinder, 400 cc engine. The suspension system also consists of four front shock absorbers and also two rear shock absorbers. A pneumatic system also is used in this Batmobile and it can be thoroughly modified by the car spoiler.

Nguyen Dac Chung also uses a motorcycle exhaust for functionality purposes. However, this Batmobile does still retains the iconic shape of the jet engine exhaust from the original Batmobile just like in the movie.

This is the simple video explaining this Batmobile:

Sources: Oddity Central.

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