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Man Charged For Sleeping While Driving Car On Autopilot Mode

There is various type of mode for cars available now, thanks to the technology and innovations made by amazing people. These technologies and innovations can help us to go through our days easier.

One advance system that everyone would wish to have for their cars is the autopilot mode. A few brands of cars have added this technology to their products. Autopilot mode allows the car to drive by itself without much supervision from the driver.

However, there are people who are taking this advanced system for granted. A man was charged by police in Canada for speeding and dangerous driving.

The 20-year old man was caught on 9 July for leaving the car self-driving while he and another passenger appear to be sleeping. The Royal Canadian Mounted police (RCMP) said that the car was speeding at 140km/h  while the speed limit on Canada’s highway is 110km/h.

The RCMP announced the charge last Thursday on the man for speeding on the highway. It is also reported that both of the seats in the front found to be completely reclined. The driver will also be charged for dangerous driving and driving while fatigued.

Previously, there are many other reported cases regarding the autopilot car. People have been using the car in a dangerous way. Even though the car is claimed to be autopiloted, it still needs human assistance in controlling the car.

Source: The Guardian

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