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MKN Raised Awareness On The Harm of Sleeping In The Car

Last week, we were shocked by the news of college students who died when sleeping in the car. It is reported that they decided to take a break at a petrol station on their way back from vacation. The death was caused by carbon monoxide poisoning as they were sleeping in the car with the engine running.

There are a few more cases that happened because of sleeping in the car previously. However, when we are on a long journey, some of us would think that sleeping in the car can become the best option when we are tired when driving. Yes, it is good to stop driving when you are sleepy, but sleeping in the car can cause the same harm.

The National Security Council recently shared an infographic on its Twitter account, @MKNJPM on how sleeping in the car can be harmful to the passengers.

Carbon monoxide poisoning can be caused by the exhaust and can enter into the car through the passenger’s cabin. It is a colorless and odorless gas, which results in people not able to notice its presence.

It will accumulate inside our car when we stopped the car with closed windows. Thus, the person will feel suffocated and started to have a problem breathing. Infusing this gas can be fatal as it can also affect our organs.

MKN is suggesting to the people to have a scheduled checkup or at least once in 6 months on the vehicle’s air-cond. It is also not a good option to be sleeping in the car with the windows open. The best option is to get a proper place to sleep.


It is dangerous to sleep in the car!

Source: MKN

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