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Lato-Lato Banned? You Might Not Expect The Reasons!

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Some countries in the world don’t ride the same viral wave as others. It’s not like they aren’t updated. They have their reasons not to follow the trends

These days, two of the most searched terms on the internet are Bondee, Metadream’s virtual 3D app, and the toy, lato-lato (or clackers). Bondee and lato-lato have been spreading fast around the world. We have to admit: they are indeed addictive.

While Bondee is a more up-to-date kind of thing now, lato-lato is a traditional spin-off of the online games most kids play nowadays. Some parents buy lato-lato for their children. Why? Parents believe the toy will cut the children’s time on their phones. It’s one of the ways to make their kids go out and enjoy the world beyond their smartphones.

However, we also explained that some countries banned this toy. One of them was the US. To our surprise, there is more than one country that banned lato-lato!

Why have these countries banned lato-lato?

1) USA


Picture: Classic Nerd

  • The toy existed from the 60s to the 70s.
  • In 1971, the US government banned lato-lato because it caused a lot of incidents and injuries among kids.
  • Additionally, the toy also contributed to sound pollution. It’s because of its ear-splitting sound. Hence, it affected the children’s hearing to a worrying extent.
  • Next, clackers have a similar design to the weapon used by gauchos (Argentinian cowboys) to hunt. Therefore, it’s dangerous for anyone who plays with it.

2) UK

  • Lato-lato is considered a dangerous weapon in the country.
  • The toy broke the wrists of many primary schoolers in the 70s. 

3) Egypt

  • The toy is called Sisi’s ball or Sisi’s pendulum.
  • Egypt banned clackers in 2017. 
  • It was seen as a mockery towards the prime minister of Egypt (Abdel Fatah El Sisi).

      Picture: Google
  • Thus, the Giza Security Directorate arrested 41 store owners and seized 1,403 pairs of lato-lato. 

Although lato-lato gradually gets its spotlight in Malaysia, we hope it won’t cause any harm to anyone who plays with it. Parents shouldn’t let the clackers do their job of distracting their kids blindly. Instead, they have to supervise their children constantly to avoid unwanted accidents.

Sources: TikTok azmi.jamaludin, Quartz, CoverCloud, The New Arab

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