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Don’t Underestimate Them, Here Are 3 Animals That Looks Cute Or Calm But Very Dangerous

When talking about wild animals, there is no denying that some of them look violent and some look tame. Animals such as tigers, snakes or wild boars, we know how dangerous they are.

However, did you know there are some types of animals that can be said to look cute and calm but very dangerous?

Here are some animals that look harmless but are actually very dangerous:

1) Geographic Cone Snail

Picture: Google

These snails live on the reefs of the Indopacific region. They usually hunt small fish. Although it looks beautiful, this very dangerous snail has an incredible ability to detect prey swimming nearby.

Once they recognize their prey, they immediately use needle-like growths from the mouth. It will inject some kind of poison into its prey. This poison is very toxic and has some painkillers as well. It will paralyze the victim’s body.

Humans also do not escape being victims of these snails even if not as food. Often, these snails are capable of threatening the lives of divers.

A total of 30 people died in 2004 due to snail cones. It is said that a few quantities of its toxin can kill around 10 people.

2) Slow Loris

Picture: Google

Do not be easily fooled by the cute face of this animal. Slow Loris can be found in Southeast Asia and nearer regions.  Slow Loris are famous for their round and large eyes as well as their soft fur. However, this animal is one of the venomous mammals in the world.

The elbows of these animals can release some kind of poison from their sides. The poison that is secreted, when mixed with saliva becomes a very toxic substance. Whenever the animal feels threatened, it will release poison into its mouth. Then a bite from the animal will cause death.

3) Leopard Seal

Picture: Google

The Leopard seal is the second largest species of seal in the marine world. It can be found in Australia, New Zealand, and the warmer regions of South Africa.

These animals can be said to be dangerous to humans. There are many biologists and travelers, experiencing their attacks. The Leopard seal also tends to attack boats.

Usually, these animals can be found in groups and it is rare to see them alone.

Source: The Mysterious World

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