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Starting Small By Selling “Pekasam Daging”, Now This Woman Successfully Owned Her Own Factory

Everybody in this whole wide world has their own journey to follow before they can finally succeed to get what the really want in life. Whether the journey is short or even long, you will eventually get there. Just be patient and never give up. This is what happened with this female entrepreneur who owned the “Pekasam Hakak Maneh” business.

This business owner’s name is Puan Balkis and she has been working so hard for so long to get to the place that she is right now. She started small when she owns literally nothing to sell “Pekasam Daging” and now she finally owned her own factory that she has been wanting for so long. She decided to share her life journey with Siakap Keli in the hope people would get inspired and change their life from her story.


She initially started this business just to help lighten her husband’s burden who works as a lorry driver. She started this business only by selling “pekasam daging”. Puan Balkis who actually works as a clerk at a school, challenged herself to achieve a higher point and success in life by doing a part-time job. Her part-time job would be none other than selling “pekasam daging” commercially until her product becomes one of the most well know products that sell “pekasam” now by using the name “Hakak Maneh”.

According to Puan Balkis, she now is able to open her own production factory for her business and the factory is located in Perak. Previously, she runs the business only with the help of her beloved husband but now she already has in total of 12 workers that work alongside her in the “pekasam” production factory.

In addition, her own production factory is able to produce as many as 5000 to 6000 packs of “pekasam” for every day. Mainly, she also has owned in a total of 800 people for her team agent and also stockist all over Malaysia.

Puan Balkis stated, “Alhamdulillah, after a long time of patience and also hard work, I’ve finally able to guide much young entrepreneurship who are able to achieve a sale as many as half millions in this year of 2020”.

She also added her statement towards Siakap Keli, “Not only that, there have been so many young female entrepreneurship that has been helped and guided until they are able to own their own personal income and successfully achieved a sale of RM150,000 for each month”.

Puan Balkis also admitted that she does not have history and also experience in business before this. With the success that she owned now, she has the pure intention to help many women out there to join her and improve their income under the guidance of “Hakak Maneh” business.

Sources: Facebook Pekasam Hakak Maneh HQ, Facebook Siakap Keli.

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