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2 Siblings Who Witnessed Their Mother Died Because Of An Accident, Cried When Ustaz Ebit Lew Came To Visit Them

It would be totally a saddened feeling when our loved ones are no longer in this world with us forever especially if that loved one is our beloved mother who has been always by our side all this while. This is what happens to these brother and sister duo that just lost their mother in a terrifying accident when she was on her way to work.

It is such a heavy trial for these two siblings. At the time where these two siblings needed their mother’s love so much, their mother, unfortunately, passed away and leave these two behind to face the world together. Despite all that, these brothers and also sister duo have accepted the faith that has been set upon them with an open heart.

This sad story by these two siblings has affected so many people emotionally and it is also including the emotion of the most beloved individual in Malaysia. The individual would be none other than Ustaz Ebit Lew who has shared his feelings about this through his posting that he posted on his Facebook social media platform.

Based on the news, these two siblings’ mother passed away when she was on her way to work. The thing that makes the situation even sadder is that the siblings witnessed their own mother’s dead body when they are also using the same road as their mother.

Both of them just looked at me when I arrived and both of them wanted to cry and immediately hugged me. I feel so close to both of them like family members. The way they talked to me feels like I am their own close family members. They said that they love me so much while crying so sadly.

Oh Allah. There have been so many times these children cried when they come to me. Fatihah’s brother is such a good and kind kid. He even owned a book made by me. He worked at a rubber farm before this. Early this year, he rode a motorcycle along to hear one of my talk at “Dataran Kemaman”. That place is quite far from his home. The brother said that he hugged me on stage. He also bought my book using his own salary money. I still remember that thing happened. Oh Allah. Both of them looked like they have still a lot to talk about. I advised both of them. I missed my mom. Miss to meet her in heaven. Both of you siblings study diligently so that both of you can be a successful person later. When both of you become kind people, you can meet your mother in heaven. The little sister told me to pray for her mother so that her mother can be placed in Jannatul Firdaus.

I am so grateful that I’ve got the chance to give them some money for expenses and also some other gifts. I am also so grateful for the people’s help that enables him to get here and meet the two siblings. Thanks to Teacher Fatihah, Syapik Hasan, Headmaster, and also all the teachers who always care about their student’s wellbeing. Thank You also to all the teachers and also PIBG that are always strong and great for all their students.

Sources: Facebook Ustaz Ebit Lew, Facebook Siakap Keli.

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