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11-Year-Old Boy Walks 1,700 Miles In 93 Days From Italy To London To Meet His Grandmother

Picture: Mirrors UK

An 11-year-old was reportedly willing to travel 2,735 km on foot from Italy just to meet his grandmother who was in London.

Romeo Cox moved to Sicily with his parents last year, however with the COVID-19 situation plaguing most countries and the aviation industry becoming paralyzed at the moment leaving his grandmother, 77, having to undergo a locked-down alone and Romeo unable to fly back to London to accompany him.

Romeo did not make this trip alone but was accompanied by his father, Phil, 46. In fact, during the trip, they managed to collect more than £13,500 which was later distributed to refugee management agencies.

They both started the trip from Italy on June 20, across Switzerland and France before arriving in London on September 21.

Romeo also shared a picture where they managed to tame a wild donkey in the adventure.

Picture: Mirrors UK

However, Romeo had to wait another 14 days upon arrival in London due to having to undergo quarantine first before meeting his grandmother.

However, the wait was worth it when Romeo was finally able to hug his grandmother after so many sites waited and the picture was also shared on social media.

Source: Mirror UK

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