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Family Embraces Social Distancing To Celebrate Grandmother’s 95th Birthday

Since the rise of coronavirus novels around the world, people especially the elderly have been advised by health officials to isolate themselves and avoid public gatherings.

The family’s video went viral on social media where they were seen gathering in the yard and singing a birthday song to their grandmother standing in the doorway to keep a safe distance between them.

The video was uploaded by granddaughter Sarah Byrne with the caption, “we had to keep our distance but we couldn’t see our best girl on her birthday! Happy 95th Gram we love you so much!”

In the video, the family can be seen holding a Happy Birthday poster and standing in the yard with their pet dog while singing to the old woman.

They also brought balloons and various decorations to bring the atmosphere to a happy birthday.

The 95-year-old looks comforted by the presence of her family members. She expresses her gratitude and says that even though they can’t be near at least together.

The video makes many netizens melts away and is touched because family members can’t spend time together celebrating their loved one’s birthday.

Source: E! News, Sarah Byrne

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