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“Dear Superheroes,” Kids Use Pocket Money To Buy Food And Gifts For Health Officers, Appreciate Their Work

A group of children wrote letters to doctors and nurses, made gift hampers for their hard work during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Four of Kaleisha Pilkington’s children are worried about the killer virus and want to help Australian doctors work nonstop.

The Pilkington children chose to use their pocket money to collect a ‘hero in the scrub’ gift bag at Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth to show their appreciation.

The hampers also come with poems that entertain them, calling doctors and nurses ‘heroes in scrubs’.

“Dear Superheroes in Scrubs, some days you may feel like giving up, maybe admitting defeat, days when you don’t get to stop or even have something to eat,” the note read.

Social media praised Ms. Pilkington and her children for their initiative in bringing smiles to Australian doctors and nurses.

“I just hope every parent remembers that we’re raising the next generation and we need to teach them to be the people, the world currently lacks – empathetic, thoughtful and kind humans,” said Pilkington.

As Australia’s coronavirus cases soared to 170 yesterday, with 1 year old being the youngest to be infected with the virus, the Australian community worked together to support one another.

Picture via Daily Mail

Source: Daily Mail

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