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“This Guy Simply Impressive,” Mr DIY Staff Praised For Giving The Best Help Customer Buy Last Minute Deepavali Deco

Recently, a particular MR DIY’s staff in Petaling Jaya has gained a lot of praise from many people out there. The reason for that to happen is because this young man is willing to go all out when he was helping his customer to get all the Deepavali decorations that he wanted even though it was a last-minute buying. Dannis Raj David who is the customer has decided to post the story about the dedicated employee on his official Facebook social media platform.

Dannis said, “Visited MR DIY Tesco Mutiara Damansara today to do my last-minute Deepavali deco shopping. To my surprise, I only saw Christmas deco left”. He was confused as to why the Deepavali decorations got put in the store a day before the actual celebration but the Christmas decorations that would take place a month away are on display. He then decided to ask for help from one of the staff there but the reply that he got was a simple “Already kept in the storage. No more”.

Before Dannis decided to leave the premises, the cashier has greeted him. He then trying his luck by asking the cashier if there were still any Deepavali decorations left in the stock that he can buy. Because of his request, the cashier quickly sprung into action and called another staff to go look for Deepavali decorations in the store. The cashier also managed to apologize to Dannis by saying, “Sorry, boss. We have already kept all the Deepavali decorations. But I have asked someone to get it out for you. Please wait”.

After a while, the particular staff then returned to both of them and clearly said that the boss did not allow him to bring back the Deepavali decorations that are in the store back in front. The order given by their boss made the cashier feel very unhappy and he also kept saying to himself that, “But the customer wants it”.

Because of that, he then made the call himself to the boss and insisted that he wanted to sell the decorations to a customer who was really asking for it. After receiving approval from the boss this time around, he asked his colleague to go back to the store to retrieve the Deepavali decorations but his colleague come back empty-handed again as the person managing the store did not want to help take the Deepavali decorations out to the customer.

That is the final straw for the cashier and then he lost his patience. He ran to the back to get all the Deepavali decorations stock himself and allowed Dannis to take his time browsing through all of them, did a price check, and Dannis happily head home with the Deepavali decorations he wanted.

Dannis also mentioned in his posting, “This guy [email protected] is from Tawau and his care for the customers and commitment to his job is simply impressive! Any company that has such an employee can be sure that the customer is taken care of would be such a great company”.

Sources: Facebook Dannis Raj David.

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