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Fit For The Ladies, This ‘Sweet Party Airbnb’ Is A Dream-Come-True For Cutely Aesthetic Decor Lovers

Pictures: Airbnb, PNGWing

Girls and ladies are a fan of pink. Although some men also favour the colour, pink is often associated with women. Perhaps the softness of the colour makes it appeal to the ladies. And women are more knowledgeable about different shades of pink. To everyone out there, pink isn’t only pink anymore. There is blush, fuscia, rouge, rose, bubblegum and many more.

If you’re a die-hard fan of pink and cutesy decors, there’s a place suitable for you to visit. It’s a 10-minute walk from LEGOLAND Malaysia, JB.

So, what’s this place? It’s Sweet Party Airbnb at D’pristine Medini, Nusajaya, JB!

Sweet Party Airbnb caters for girls and ladies to unwind the ‘cute’ way

D’Pristine Medini is a residential building close to LEGOLAND, JB. Not only that, but it also has a hotel and shopping mall on the opposite.

The colourful Airbnb will fill your five senses with an explosion of feelings. The vibrant colours are a definite eye candy that makes you coo!

Every corner is Instagram-worthy. The sunglasses TV, the food cart-like dining table, and the cupcake-styled stools are some of its uniqueness that you can’t see at other Airbnbs in Malaysia.

Picture: Airbnb

Picture: Airbnb

If cooking is your forte, let your imagination run wild in the spacious kitchen. It’s equipped with a mini fridge, kettle, glasses, dishes and silverware. If bread and butter are your breakfast staple, don’t worry! There’s a bread maker too.

Picture: Airbnb

Furthermore, there are two bedrooms for two guests each. With its dessert-themed decor, feast your eyes with rainbow sprinkles and vivid colours reminiscent of a cupcake. We hope you won’t be hungry when staying in these rooms.

Picture: Airbnb

Picture: Airbnb

Once you’re sated with the house’s whimsical decor, take in the view of the city by visiting the swimming pool. Additionally, for workout-holics, there’s a gym in the building too!

Sweet Party Airbnb is affordable despite its top-notch decor

If you think this aesthetically pleasing Airbnb isn’t affordable, you might be wrong. It’s RM316.31 per night. However, if you’re in a group of two couples or four friends, it’s only RM79.08 per person per night! We advise you to go in groups as the rate will be cheaper.

Are you interested? Head to Sweet Party Airbnb near LEGOLAND and enjoy the explosion of sweet aesthetics!

Sources: Airbnb, GirlStyle (Singapore)

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