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Pak Cik Excitedly Grabs The K-Fry Chicken, But Daughter Stops Him, And His Reaction Is Priceless

Pictures: TikTok arissa, PNG Mart

Have you ever tried K-Fry before? It’s one of the most popular Korean restaurants that serve fried chicken, tteokbokki (spicy rice cake), ramyeon (maggie-like noodles) and other urban-fusion K-dishes in Malaysia.


Picture: IOI City Mall

Its array of choices fit people of different ages, thus making this food chain a popular pick among family. From hot soups to the cold bingsoo (almost similar to Malaysia’s ABC or cendol), your parents and kids can have a taste of interesting Korean menus.

To anyone who hasn’t tried it yet, there’s a menu that is so popular among K-Fry lovers. It’s the K-Fry chicken bumbuk! This delicious chicken menu comes in four choices, Original, Honey Mustard, Yangnyeom and K’razy Spicy. All choices include K-Fry’s signature stretchy cheese.


Picture: K-Fry Malaysia

We can safely say that many youngsters have tried eating at this restaurant at least once. When it first opened its branch in Malaysia, it created a wave between the younger generations. Everyone wanted to taste the cheesy chicken once in their lifetimes!


Picture: Eat and Travel with us

But how about the older generations like our parents per se? Are they familiar with the menu?

Although Korean and Malaysian foods are alike (since both countries eat lots of rice), some differences are apparent. Therefore, it might not suit the elder’s tastebuds.

Yet, it sure is an exciting thing to try something new! Like this uncle over here, his hands say it all!

Pak Cik is excited to taste some K-Fry chicken

Usually, the waiter at K-Fry will help wrap the chicken with cheese for the customers. It’s like a mini show before you can have a taste of the food.

Maybe this uncle is a bit hungry. He quickly wears the plastic gloves, seemingly ready to devour the dish. But his daughter stops him by saying, “Abah, not yet! They haven’t wrapped the chicken [with cheese]!”

What makes the netizens coo over this father-daughter interaction is the father’s shocked expression! He was really surprised when his daughter said that.

It’s even cuter when arissa (@qwertyuica) wrote in the caption,

Abah: Let’s eat at the warung. Why must we eat here?

Also, Abah: *wears both gloves and eats before the chicken is ready*


apa yang comel sangat nak makan ni???

♬ suara asli – Khaireza Puramarta – Khaireza Puramarta

Isn’t that adorable? Everyone in the comment section thinks so too!


Picture: TikTok arissa


Picture: TikTok arissa

Have you experienced something like this? You bring your parents somewhere new, and they are more excited than you, but they don’t show it?

Sources: TikTok arissa, K-Fry Malaysia

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