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Pharmacist Urges New Generation Pharmacists To Prioritize Evidence-Based Contents

Picture: New York Post

In this new modern era, people gain knowledgeable contents from FacebookTwitterTikTok, and other sources. However, how true is the information shared? This matter has to be stressed out because nowadays, some people only want their posts to be known, or we say ‘viral.’ Thus, they do not re-check the information that they found before making posts about it.

On Twitter, a pharmacist, @Fahmibinhassan, is also concerned about this matter. Therefore, he urges the new generation of pharmacists to prioritize evidence-based contents. He emphasizes this as these days, there are many knowledgeable contents shared without evidence.


Picture: @Fahmibinhassan

The information shared in some videos does not contain explanations nor provide facts. Thus, the information might confuse people and make them wonder if the source is reliable, especially if they are about medicine.

So, it is best for health professionals to provide facts, evidence, or data that explains the information when making knowledgeable contents. If people were to argue with the contents shared, it is easier to help them understand with the evidence provided!

Providing evidence-based content is not only applied to pharmacists or health workers. Other people also can do the same, especially if the contents you are sharing provide useful information. 

Let’s go! Let’s spread genuine information.

Source: @Fahmibinhassan (Twitter)

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