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The Husband Is Silenced With The Coldness Of ‘Air Mandi Bunga’

mandi bunga
Pictures: TikTok p.mdnaaa_

Mandi bunga is a tradition that many Malay communities still practices today. It’s an activity that connects all family members, especially the older and younger generation. Since it’s a practice that is slowly forgotten these days, some families try to relive the tradition, for example, during weddings.

Usually, before the day of akad nikah (solemnisation), many couples will hold a malam berinai or mandi bunga ceremony the night before. It’s believed that these practices increase the ‘seri’ of the couple’s faces. Not only that, but it also brings out their natural beauty from within. 

mandi bunga

Picture: Pesona Pengantin

Therefore, maybe it’s the reason why @p.mdnaa and her now-husband, Didi, decided to go through this ceremony.

The ‘air mandi bunga‘ is too cold!

In the video posted by Ana, it looks like they’re doing the mandi bunga ceremony outside at night. Both of them are seated while some elderly women (they might be their mothers, grandmothers or aunts) surround them. 

After reciting some prayers, they started pouring the water on Ana. She isn’t that affected by the water, but her husband sure is!

Didi squirms in his seat like a fish when the water hits his body. He was talking non-stop before, but the ice-cold water makes him quiet! He achieved the maximum level of ‘redha’ that night…


terdiam terus lepas kena siram 😂 @Didi

♬ original sound – Ana & Didi – Ana & Didi

To learn more about the benefits of mandi bunga, read here.

Some people in the comment section said they like mandi bunga because of the cold water and it refreshes their body. 

mandi bunga

Picture: TikTok p.mdnaaa_

mandi bunga

Picture: TikTok p.mdnaaa_

Types of flowers that are common in the water mixture

  • Cempaka putih (to give a fragrant scent and smoothens the skin).
mandi bunga

Picture: Google

  • Melur/White and yellow jasmine (to clean the inner parts of the body).
mandi bunga

Picture: Pinterest

  • Kenanga/Ylang-ylang (to make your face glow).
mandi bunga

Picture: Alodokter

  • Mawar merah/red rose (to increase confidence).
mandi bunga


So, do you plan on doing this tradition when you’re getting married? 

Sources: TikTok p.mdnaaa_, Pantang Plus

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