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Children and Grandkids Help Mother Win A Large Sum Of Money While Playing Viral Game

Picture: @hazelyndaa

What would you feel if you won something? Well, it maybe depends on the item, right? What if you win ‘money?’ A large sum of money? You might feel elated. Money is very crucial, and people strive to work hard for it. People go to work, sometimes, do a part-time job to get money.

With money, we can do anything we want. We can buy the things we love, or maybe, we can help people who might need help with money.

Do you know this viral game that has been on social media for months? It is a game where a person must grab as much money using a frying ladle while being blindfolded. Looking at people playing the game, it is harder than it looks.

Some people end the game with no money achieved. Nevertheless, there are a few lucky people who successfully grab the money.

In a video shared by @hazelyndaa, her family is playing the viral game. It is now her mother’s turn to ‘win’ the money using the frying ladle.


#sayangMak #ibu #mak #ummi #sayangsmpaisyurga Semuga Allah panjangkan usia mak.. dpt kami bersama2 mak lagi🤲🏻 #familytime #familybonding #familyday #fypp #fyp

♬ Kaulah Ibuku – AFIA FALLIS

From the description attached to the video, her mother does not manage to win any money (but she does not realize that). Heartwarmingly, without the mother knowing as she is blindfolded, her children, children-in-law, and grandkids come together to put the money in the container.

Wow, that is a large sum of money.

When she takes off the blindfold, she is very happy, knowing she managed to win some money. She intends to buy a ‘toto’ bed with the money.

What a loving and supportive family they are.


Picture: @hazelyndaa

Source: @hazelyndaa (TikTok)

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